Slack vs Email
Slack isn’t just a tool for sending messages. It’s a place where work flows between all your teams, tools, customers and partners—wherever and whenever you’re working.
I was leading an amazing team of designers, writers and illustrators to create a video highlighting all the advantages of Slack vs email.

Art director, project lead, designer and animator: Tatiana Shchekina
2D Illustrations: Viet Huynh
UI design: Sara Jibreal
Script: John Knight and Lisa Plachy
Voice over, and sound lead: Pam Lama
Sound design: Vaudeville Sound

Mood Board
In this video we are going to show evolution from paper to email, from email to Slack. We will start in the world, where everything is made out of paper, then we will introduce a blue illustrative world of email, and, finally, we will dive into a colorful world of Slack, where 3D metaphors meet Slack UI. We will build a contrast between monochrome and chaotic world of paper and email, and vibrant and organized world of Slack.  
Design Boards