Slack features
A series of 6 videos for an ad campaign
Last year I was leading a large initiative at Slack to help our customers understand how Slack features could change how they work for the better. It was a close collaboration with amazing Slack writers, designers, video producer, and talented folks at IV studious.

So, what’s the idea? 
Let’s create a series of short, simple, evergreen videos (think 15 - 30 seconds apiece) that dig into Slack features like huddles, channels, workflows, and more. These videos can live anywhere at any time, and offer a next-click for users who are excited to learn more.
Why do we need them?
Too few Slack users know about the features that could change how they work for the better. From research and conversations with SXSW attendees, hearing the word “huddles” or learning about recording clips came as a total surprise. While awareness is key, we should also teach people how to get the most out of their Slack experience, too.
Our goals
1. Help create a seamless customer journey throughout our marketing and product campaigns.
2. Educate Slack users and non-Slack-users about all the features, that Slack has.
3. Create evergreen content visualizing Slack features that can be used everywhere.
Video structure
Intro showing pain points that specific Slack feature can solve
Solution that is offered by specific Slack feature - clear demonstration within Slack UI
Outro with the final statement featuring the same style throughout all videos
Offer card with CTA