I wanted to create a brand identity for a hypothetical cloud platform. In this concept I’m showing a representation of a customer's files physically being stored in an actual cloud, and creating a symbolic depiction of different types of files. I had a lot of fun creating small bite sized animations of different things people often back up online. 

The cloud itself is made out of spheres that hold files, like shelves in the storage. These spheres represent the size of the files. For example, in this case people can see that pictures take up the most space in their cloud. I also added a lot of small details like an actual address book, headphones with music, a tiny picture that represents photos, and an animated cat video. 

I’m using blue as the main color in the design, because it is associated with trust, stability, and reliability. I also wanted to keep the playful nature of this piece by subtly gradating other colors into the blue creating a unifying theme. Having this physical representation of customer’s content stored in the cloud builds up trust. People can be sure that their personal information is safely stored on the cloud platform’s network. Playful and light visual design elements make it feel like the cloud platform is approachable and easy to use.
3D icons